Depression traps the soul of the person, as a black hole traps all the light

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It is difficult to describe depression, especially to people who have never experienced it. Many people suffer through it and don’t even realize that it is a mental illness that needs attention. We live in a society that celebrates strength and boldness while being vulnerable is looked down upon. Thus, those who realize having the illness usually keep it to themselves due to the fear of judgment. Because of this, more and more people are suffering in silence in modern times. …

They are the perpetual dreamers

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The world will always look stranger to the people who feel a little more than others.
It is because they are highly sensitive creatures forced to live in an environment that considers toughness as a badge of honor.
They are the ones who opt for reflection and depth of thought over speed or multi-tasking favored by the fast-moving world.
They are the ones who favor cooperation in a highly competitive world.
They are the ones who keep their inner child alive as an adult in the graveyard of children.
They are the perpetual dreamers in the world which has long forgotten to dream.

I still dream about that day from time to time and relive the encounter with the gentle beast

Panoramic view of the location, © Kunal Agarwal

Do you know that Christopher Columbus, on his voyage in 1493 to find a western trade route to Asia, which famously led him to America mistook these creatures as “mermaids”? He described mermaids to be “not half as beautiful as they are painted”.

I guess mistaking America for India was not the only thing he mistook.

The video is taken from Nat Geo Wild Channel on Youtube:

Before embarking on the trip to Tampa in Florida, I didn’t have even a slight idea about it. It was a TripAdvisor comment that made me aware of its existence. It mentioned…

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I have wondered this countless times in my mind
Do we really have free will?
Or are we just prisoners of fate, circumstances, and time?
Are we like a fish trapped in water?
Which doesn’t seem to be able to see beyond its perceived reality
If everything is predestined
Then what is our purpose?
Is it money, status, fame, love, procreation?
Or we are here just to fart around as Kurt Vonnegut claimed

If it is not predestined
Then why do we choose to fake over being authentic?
Then why do we choose to be in shackles over being free?
Then why do…

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Something is interesting about this word, isn’t it?
It does require some recognition and fan-following
Since this word has single-handedly changed histories
A lot of nations have been a victim of it in the past
And a lot already on the verge of it
A lot of smart people have been fooled by it
And a lot continue to get fooled
A lot of innocent lives have been changed and destroyed by it
And a lot continue to

It is the favorite tool of those in power
To control those beneath them
Historically, different mediums have been used
Though, mediums may have changed now
But the principle and tools remain the…

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Empathy is long dead. We are in the state of apathy. Most people don’t have time to empathize because it is easier to judge but that must not be it. There must be a bigger reason for this, I thought. I remembered the definition taught to me by one of my teachers while in school which is to put oneself into the other person’s soul and by doing so feel their emotions. How often do we do this? I guess rarely and the reason I believe is because we are caught in our egoic mind. We associate our personality and…

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I am a curious person interested in writing, photography, philosophy, psychology, history, literature, travel, music, and spirituality.

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